Craft Fair and Gardening

Craft Fair and Gardening

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Craft Fair


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It's been a while. It's the end of July! Where is the year going? I am still trying to get into a habit if remembering I have this blog to post on and not just social media. Let's get to it and recap the last few months. 


Craft Fair

What a busy last few weeks April was. I had a huge push to make as many different items for the craft fair in a little time frame.  As soon as I was done with a commissioned twin bed frame I jumped into production mode.

I had quite the list of items I wanted to make:

I was not able to get to everything this time around, so maybe next time since I do on plan on doing more craft fairs. On top of the items that were missed I do have additional products added to the list. More on that in another post.

My wife and I used a couple of folding tables, some stretch tablecloths from amazon, and some quickly thrown together displays for boards and earrings. We did a mock set up in our living room a few days before the event. Taping off the floor for our designated area to get positioning and set up.  


Here is a clip from the fair before opening.



In the future I hope to build a couple rolling cabinets to have everything stored inside of, wheel on in and unload for set up. The current method for set up involves several boxes and a lot of back and forth with a hand dolly. 





A quick over view on the garden seeing as we are halfway through the season. I'll make a different posting soon on the full story. 

As mentioned in a previous post this year we tested out soil blocking. We purchased a 2in blocker, and did some research on soil mixes to use. Using a few different recipes. Some stunted the growth others did as good as starter pods. 

In my battle against weeding. We mulched most of the garden with straw. In short, We Should have done a thicker layer and used a cardboard layer. What we had in place took care of 50% of the weeds but the crabgrass still came through with vengeance!

More on all these, watering, what we planted, and frost tragedy all in the next post. 

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