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This page is a work in progress. 

Here are some of the tools I use in my my shop. If you're looking for garden tools click here or for kitchen gadgets here. 

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 In this section I'm going to list and talk about my woodworking tools in the order I acquired them. It will be part story, part description/review of the tools. Some are hand me downs while others I've purchased myself. 



Makita jig saw

This was the first actual power tool I bought. At the time I was borrowing a Makita drill and driver set from my grandfather otherwise they would have been my first purchase. This along with a few Irwin quick clamps and a speed square, I made several projects from a plant stand to a set of drawers, before getting a miter and table saw. The jig saw is still today a regular go to tool. When ever I have something the band saw can't fit or need to make a quick rough cut in an odd location I grab it. 

The only issue I can remember having with it is there is a little plastic guard that goes around the blade that would regularly fall off. That was until I had a blade bend and it hit the guard shattering it. 

The jig saw has a few settings for speed adjustments and stationary or orbital blade. And came with a small selection of blades that I have just about replace all by now. 


 Milwaukee M18 Drill and driver set

When the time came to return my grandfathers borrowed drill and driver I had done enough research and decided to make the leap to Milwaukee m18 battery lineup. The fact that he had made the switch and that my brother had started buying the brand made it a simple decision. We all would be able to borrow each others tools without having to worry about what battery and charger to grab on the way out the door. 

I didn't quite have the money available to get the Fuel models but did for the brushless editions. I was also lucky enough that they were having a free tool deal and received the M18 angle grinder with the paddle trigger. All in all it came with the drill, driver, grinder, fast charger, and 1 battery (I can't remember the size). 

I don't know how to put it in words, they have a good sound and feel for them, plenty of power. Have you ever pick up someone else drill gave it the ol 'brr brr' and it sounds terrible and feels like it couldn't even mix your coffee? Well these are not those. I've used the drill to put holes in the ground with a mini auger and mix concrete. Only over heating the driver one time while removing some bolts on a vehicle. It sends 12" lag screws through posts with ease.  I do wish to have a second set of drills as to speed up my processes by not having to change out bits so much. Maybe a m12 set is in my future?


The next few tools I acquired roughly the same time in preparation for my next project at the time, a crib for my daughter. Table saw, miter saw, router, and a sander.

Makita sander

 I do not remember Milwaukee having a M18 sander at the time of making my purchase and if they did I would have most likely purchase it over this sander. But seeing as it didn't exist I went with the  Makita BO5041K 5" Random Orbit Sander. It had glowing reviews from several sources. I have been very happy with it, and very glad I didn't buy a battery sander. The amount of sanding one does as a wood worker would just eat through batteries! It has 5 ranges of speed accessible on the top handle easy enough for your thumb to turn down. The trigger has a lock button that will disengage when you squeeze the trigger. I currently use Diablo sandnet for my abrasive. I ranked rather well on the  Katz-Moses sanding scale.



Table and miter saws











Delta Table saw -

Craftsman Band saw -

Ryobi Miter saw 


M18 Drill and Driver


M18 Compact router 

M18 Framing nailer 

Makita jigsaw





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