Welcome to House Mercantile

Welcome to House Mercantile

And so it begins. 


Welcome to the site. It brings me much joy to launch this online store and blog.

Over the last year I decided to make my hobby of woodworking, gardening, and homesteading into a business. The larger chunk of which is woodworking. Gardening and homesteading are a mutual second place. Last January I started an Instagram page for my business, House Mercantile. I uploaded reels to showcase and document my progression as my business grows and to advertise my goods. In Fall 2022 I started up a YouTube page as well to further my reach and share the adventure of hobby to business. 

I still work a full time job as a Kitchen Manager at a Sports bar. As such I get about 2 hours a day to work on this little project and hope to one day make the full switch over. I am branching out as much as I can. Instagram, YouTube, Etsy, Tiktok? (not sure about that one yet) and NOW this online store and blog.

The online store will be items myself or family make. I can make anything for cutting boards and Keychains to tables and chicken tractors. I do plan on taking custom orders for items but for the time being am limited to smaller tasks due to the weather and small shop. If you have an inquiry send me an email and I'll let you know what's possible. 

In the blog part of the site I'll be posting updates on what I may be currently working on. What's going on in the garden or life in general. I'll use it to announce new items in the shop. Or even review product I've purchased. I hope with it and alongside Instagram and YouTube to make connections with other woodworkers, gardeners, homesteaders, and others who share similar interests.


Gavan D. House 


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